Public Affairs trends 2024: What should we expect?

Three trends for Public Affairs in 2024

In the latest edition of 'The Persuaders' podcast, Ulobby's CEO, Anders Kopp Jensen, discusses the key trends for the upcoming year in the Public Affairs industry. Anders particularly highlights three central trends that will shape the PA industry in 2024.

Firstly, he predicts that recession - or rather the fear of recession - will have a greater impact on the Public Affairs industry than most people realize. Further, he argues that the Public Affairs industry needs to redefine its management strategy and move away from the traditional 'firefighting role'. Finally, he points out that 2024 will be characterised by significant geopolitical tensions and the EU elections, which requires keen preparation, both externally and internally.

Tune in to gain insight into why the first two trends are intertwined and also to get an explanation of what Anders means by the 'firefighting role', as well as how to take a more modern approach to Public Affairs in 2024!


You can find and listen to this and previous episodes of the podcast here.

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