Founded in 2016 by Anders Kopp Jensen and Bertel Torp, Ulobby's vision is to strengthen democracy by opening up the political processes and enabling more people, companies, and organizations to influence the political agenda. Our mission is to develop tools for Public Affairs professionals, which make their daily tasks easier and make them superstars inside their organizations.

Based on a true story

With backgrounds in Public Affairs and politics, our founders knew the struggle of the manual and time consuming tasks of Public Affairs first hand. Thinking that there must be a better way, they founded Ulobby with a plan to digitalize and automate as many of the daily tasks of Public Affairs professionals as possible.

Born in Copenhagen

Starting from Copenhagen, Ulobby is now the leading Public Affairs platform in the Nordics and is continuing to expand to new markets in Northern Europe and the political capital of Europe, Brussels.

EU native

The Ulobby team is geographically dispersed, with employees across the EU. We know the practical and political problems which arise across and between borders first hand, and we are no stranger to multi-party politics, intergovernmental issues and the matrix of supranational institutions that is the EU.

Investor relations

We use a secure data room to share investor information with interested parties. Click the link below to request access.

Ulobby Investor information