Let data guide the next steps in your Public Affairs efforts.

Insight reports

Ulobby's Insight reports offer a solid and in-depth analysis of relevant political topics and/or your own efforts. We offer unique insights based on a combination of Ulobby's data-driven political insights from the platform and analysis performed by our experienced analysts.

Make better decisions with data-driven insights

We analyze the narrative around your issue by comparing words used by relevant stakeholders. We thus give you a unique insight into which words are used by whom and when new words occur.

Reports can be tailored to various situations, such as in the event of a crisis, as a starting point for a new strategy or direction in your Public Affairs efforts, or for comparing the landscape before and after the launch of a new campaign.

Ulobby's Insight reports give you the detailed information you need to track progress and performance or check the temperature among your key stakeholders before you launch a new campaign or product.

The analyses are based on Ulobby's extensive database of politically relevant documents and texts, but can also be supplemented with additional content of your choice; for instance your own publications or press releases.

Examples of themes and questions that can be analyzed:

Stakeholder overview

Discover new stakeholders, understand stakeholder activities and opinions expressed in parliament and on SoMe, and see how stakeholders interact.

Text analysis

Text analysis can be conducted on various texts - from SoMe-posts to press releases - and can reveal new insights about vocabulary on a chosen topic. Going further, sentiment analysis can help you understand whether the emotional tone surrounding a political area is positive, neutral, or negative.


Benchmark analysis allows you to compare your position with competitors, perceptions of an area over time, or vocabulary and sentiment across different groups.

Parliamentary questions

Get a better understanding of activities in parliament; for instance, which stakeholders and what sub-topics are driving parliamentary activity on your issues or mentions of your organization.

When to use Insight reports

Reports can be delivered as a one-off, be used as "before-and-after" measurement, or they can be recurring - for instance every three, six, or twelve months - to allow you to follow and evaluate if you are on the right track.


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