Keep track of political relations in an easy and organized manner.

Stakeholder overview

The Ulobby platform keeps you updated on key stakeholders and their activities and assists your stakeholder discovery in real-time. Our stakeholder relations management - Ulobby Touchpoints - lets you share information and coordinate stakeholder activities across your team.

Professionalize your stakeholder set-up

Ulobby makes stakeholder management a breeze. Receive automated updates on the activities of your stakeholders in parliament, on SoMe, and in traditional media with Ulobby's extensive stakeholder database. Combine stakeholder and agenda monitoring to learn how different stakeholders position themselves on your issues. Ulobby's political monitoring also automatically suggests new stakeholders to be aware of.

Keeping track of stakeholders is a key part of achieving a professional Public Affairs setup and increasing performance. With Ulobby's stakeholder module, you can map stakeholders and always be on top of the development of the stakeholder landscape, so you know where to prioritize efforts and make sure that you approach stakeholders according to their position on your issues.

It is often on the Public Affairs team to brief and prepare organization representatives before stakeholder meetings. Ulobby's stakeholder brief can be of great help and save time in these preparations, as the platform always allows you to download a handout with the most important information about a given stakeholder.


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Stakeholder relations management

Avoid missing important information and save hours of manual tracking, Ulobby Touchpoints got your back! You can track political interactions in one click; making the old-fashioned and messy spreadsheets superfluous. Integrated with Outlook - or any other email service - Ulobby Touchpoints helps you gather all stakeholder information from your organization in one place; saving time, professionalizing your setup, and making sure information is not lost when employees churn. When you log your political interactions in Ulobby, the platform automatically collects files and documents shared with stakeholders - in one place and easy for everyone to find.


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