Data privacy and security is our number one priority

Keeping your data private and secure is our number one priority. We understand the sensitivity of the information you share with Ulobby and employ industry best practices to keep this data secure and confidential. We keep tabs on developments within the security industry and regularly assess all systems for areas where we can further enhance our security protocols.


Access control and privacy

We work hard to keep your data confidential. All stored information is protected by 256-AES encryption and data in transit is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption. Administrative access to our system is only permitted using secure remote access technologies such as VPN and SSH. We run background checks on all of our employees, access to the database is monitored for suspicious activity, and your emails and calendar events are redacted to preserve your privacy.


Preventing downtime

We utilize off-site, geographically distributed backups to ensure your data is never lost. Ulobby’s infrastructure leverages AWS components with uptime SLA's of 99.95% and features 24/7 monitoring to alert us of any issues. We have engineers on call so we’re always available and ready to remedy issues that could prevent access to your data.


Ensuring data integrity

We know that the integrity of our systems is crucial to keeping your data secure. We regularly conduct security audits with a third-party white-hat provider to evaluate our security measures and ensure we’re up-to-date with industry best practices. This includes vulnerability scanning, penetration tests, and system audits. Your data is also encrypted in storage using 256-bit AES encryption and in transit using 256-bit SSL encryption to protect against unauthorized access or fraud.

Certified secure

Meet compliance requirements

We take information security extremely seriously and our infrastructure is ISO 27001-certified and PCI compliant to ensure we meet industry standards for security management best practices.

“I have spent my entire career making sure that I build products that are above industry standard when it comes to security, and as co-founder and CTO of Ulobby, I am personally devoted to ensure that we never allow your data to be compromised.

Ensuring that your data is safe and secure in Ulobby is the number one priority for our team. With encryption, regular backups and hundreds of daily checks we ensure that Ulobby is always online and accessible – but only to the people you want it to be.”

Bertel Torp

Co-founder & CTO

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Contact us at (pgp-key) for more information, or to report security vulnerabilities for priority handling. Incoming reports are timely reviewed and triaged.As an extra layer of protection to our cybersecurity program, we are committed to working with skilled security researchers to help identify and mitigate any potential security vulnerabilities in our systems not already detected through our internal controls; this commitment is formalised in our responsible disclosure policy.

Providers and partners

Amazon Web Services

To ensure the security and scalability of our infrastructure, we haven chosen to take a cloud-first approach with AWS. This allows Ulobby to scale and innovate, while maintaining a secure environment and meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.


Cloudflare is a key partner in Ulobby's DDoS mitigation and Web application firewall. Cloudflare has an impressive track record of keeping web services protected against politically motivated harassment and vandalism online; ex. Trump's presidential campaign and the Ministry of Justice of Denmark.