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A data-driven AI platform for political monitoring

Our automated political monitoring ensures public affairs professionals to never miss a mention of their issue or organisation

Staying on top of political intelligence is vital for public affairs professionals working with governments. Success is driven by remaining informed, updated and agile. Responding to political changes requires full awareness of all the facts. By remaining vigilant, public affairs professionals are equipped to manage stakeholder interests most effectively.

Cutting-edge tools for stakeholder relationship management

Maintaining a comprehensive overview of all stakeholder activities and ensuring stakeholder relations are coordinated across your organisation can be challenging

Many organisations juggle a series of spreadsheets to register and monitor interactions with stakeholders. This can be time-consuming and can also result in staff working in silos and acting on misleading information.

Our stakeholder relationship management tool helps you systemise and synergise your stakeholder network and interactions and it maximises efficiency in political information management.

Get your weekly update on political events

Would you like to be updated on political events every week? Let Ulobby help you with that.

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