Ulobby is a software-as-a-service platform developed by lobbyists for lobbyists, with political intelligence, monitoring, activity management, tracking tools, measuring, analytics, and much more.
Having launched in the Danish market, we are now building the EU-version of the platform to follow soon (ETA Q4 2018). Currently, we are welcoming companies and organisations who are interested in co-developing the platform.

Reach out if you want to learn more: 





Co-creation of EU-module

Interested in software tailor-made for your Public Affairs work? We are building our EU-module in exclusive partnership with customers - offering the opportunity to influence, for instance, sources and functions of the platform. 

We are still open for additional companies and organisations to join in the testing and co-development of the EU-version of the platform; ultimately providing your organisation with a piece of software that suits your particular needs. 



Ulobby 360

Stay up to date on any topic or stakeholder with all relevant content from both traditional and social media.

Via machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Ulobby 360 gathers information on politicians and subjects that are important for your organisation - easy to access, continuously updated and without "noise".

No matter which subjects are of interest to you, Ulobby 360 helps you keep track of the political development, relevant actors, and discussions from all possible sources.



Ulobby touchpoints

Ulobby Touchpoints makes it easy to organise and coordinate all stakeholder interactions - both internally and externally.

Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Ulobby Touchpoints can track all your interactions and touchpoints with stakeholders for you - so forget all about time-consuming spreadsheets, power points, or CRM-systems. 

At the same time, the data can be visualised for reporting internally or to help you get the full overview of your political network and find the blind spots.