Ulobby is a Public Affairs Platform build by lobbyists for lobbyists

The Ulobby platform extracts important information to your organization and provides you with automated overviews of stakeholders and their activities like SoMe posts, media mentions and parliamentary questions and provides you with a stakeholder management tool that helps you analyse and measure your political reach.

To put it simple - we provide you with the insights, so you can gain the influence. Tracking and managing stakeholder activities and political issues will no longer be a tedious manual task, but an automated process that maximises your influence and minimizes your use of resources and political risk.

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Ulobby Agenda

Every month, Ulobby conducts questionnaire surveys among a presentative sample of people living in different parts of Europe.

These surveys measure opinion among Europeans regarding legislation and relevant issues. The ensuing analyses of the survey data highlight which segments of society are being affected and how attitudes are changing. In addition, Ulobby Agenda gives you the ability to add customized questions with direct relevance to your organization.

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Ulobby Issue Report

Ulobby Issue Report provides you with a unique in-depth analysis of a political topic of your choosing.

Based on AI-generated insights from the Ulobby platform backed up by data analysis from our experienced analysts you can get an extended overview and follow the development of the political issues most important to you and your organisation.

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