Ulobby is a Public Affairs Platform build by lobbyists for lobbyists

The Ulobby platform uses AI to extract and analyze vital information for your organization. It gives you automated overviews of stakeholders and their activities, and it also provides you with stakeholder management tools that enable you to analyze, measure and boost your political reach.

Tracking political issues ceases to be a tedious manual task, but instead becomes an automated, rigorous process that maximizes your influence and minimizes waste and political risk. The platform ensures access to vital political intelligence, coordination of stakeholder relations, synchronization of interactions and the streamlining of PA work with the organization’s wider strategic objectives. This means you can establish and embed a professional PA function.

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Ulobby Stakeholder Relations Management

The Ulobby platform streamlines and coordinates your organization’s interactions with its stakeholders. The tools capture, store and organize each stakeholder interaction involving internals, ensuring that stakeholders are not neglected or hassled, interactions are never duplicated, and the whole organization understands the state of play.

The handling and maintenance of stakeholder relations can be chaotic in Public Affairs, with team members sporadically contacting stakeholders and coherent systems for organizing stakeholder interactions practically absent. Instead of relying on manual recording methods, juggling a host of Excel spreadsheets, the platform SRM tools automate and systemize the processes involved. By capturing interactions systematically and organizing them into clear and easy to use databases, the tools also increase transparency so you can present progress and impacts to executive level staff easily and with clarity.

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Ulobby Insight Reports

Understanding opinions and attitudes is the central driver of effective PA decision-making. The Ulobby platform provides insights and enables data drills on topics specific to your organisation and provides you with a unique in-depth analysis of your stakeholders and a political topic of your choosing.

Based on AI-generated insights from the Ulobby platform and backed up by data analyses from our experienced analysts, we enable access to an extensive overview of developments surrounding political issues central to you and your organisation’s work.

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