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Ulobby dashboard for public affairs, political monitoring and stakeholder management

Our platform helps you monitor political issues, manage your stakeholders and measure your political network

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Ulobby provides a public affairs platform that delivers political monitoring and stakeholder management services, as well as tools for increasing your political reach and measuring and evaluating your impacts.

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Bringing Public Affairs into the digital era

Ulobby is for Public Affairs what automated marketing tools have become for marketing. The speed, efficiency and scale of the platform’s tools hugely transcend methods of handling PA activities. By automating the entire process of stakeholder information and analysis, and by digitizing the complex processes involved in coordinating stakeholder and your interactions with them, the platform brings your PA strategy into the 21st Century.

While associated industries such as marketing and communications have experienced a tremendous rise in the availability of digital tools and metrics, Public Affairs professionals are often stuck with haphazardly constructed spread sheets which are often updated manually. Ulobby changes this by bringing Public Affairs work into the digital era. Accelerating your department’s digitization will save time and costs spent on mundane tasks that can be better performed by the platform, so you can focus on high value-added activity that boosts your organization’s political impact and achieves your strategic goals.

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The monitoring capabilities of the Ulobby platform work like having someone working through the night, constantly looking out for you, searching for information to make your days run more smoothly.

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