Get a solid and
in-depth analysis of your issue

  • Ulobby Issue Report gives you a deep dive into a relevant political topics.
  • The report is delivered continuously every month or every quarter.
  • The report is based on AI-generated insights from the Ulobby platform combined with data analysis performed by Ulobbys experienced analysts.
  • Compare your efforts on the issue with competing agendas and evaluate the effects of your work.
  • Follow the development among your stakeholders over time.
  • Spot new political streams in the population in areas of relevance to your organization.

The report on your issue includes the following:

Stakeholder overview
Rank your stakeholders in collaboration with Ulobby and gain insight into the level of activity and how these act on your issue.
Text analysis of your issue
We analyze the narrative around your issue by comparing words used by relevant stakeholders. We thus give you a unique insight into which words are used by whom and when new words occur.
Parliamentary questions
Get an overview of relevant committee questions on your issue and know when your stakeholders organization is mentioned.
SoMe overview
How is the SoMe activity on your agenda? Are there any new players that you need to focus on?
Benchmark vs. competitors
Compare your efforts with those of your competitors. The development is measured overtime and helps to provide a historical overview of efforts from you and your competitors.

About Ulobby

Ulobby is a SaaS platform for Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations Management.

Through AI technology, the platform collects and analyzes a wide range of data sources and contributes features and tools to professional and strategic Public Affairs work, including political and regulatory monitoring, control and coordination.

Ulobby dashboard for public affairs, political monitoring and stakeholder management

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