We take customer data privacy seriously, ensuring that:

  • Any usage of personal data is communicated with the proper consent.
  • All new vendors, assets, and activities pertaining to processing personal data are subject to a review of privacy, security, and compliance.
  • Personal data is properly collected, stored, and documented.
  • Relevant processes are followed for transfers of personal data outside the European Union.

If you need to modernize your public affairs work and want to ensure that your organization has timely business practices regarding personal data, please feel free to contact us. It's quite literally what we do.

Ulobby was founded in 2016, a time where GDPR was top of mind for everyone. In this context, it was easy for the founding team to decide that Ulobbys approach to software development should be user-centric and based on Privacy by Design principles. We work with data under secure conditions via encrypted connections, and use ISO 27001 certified hosting partners.

We also help our customers establish GDPR compliant workflows for their end-users and customers by challenging them on security issues and working with them to ensure that the products we deliver comply with the EU Personal Data Regulation, so that customers can feel safe as data controllers. An important part of this work is to ensure that personal data is not only seen as a technical problem but also anchored in culture and procedures.

If your organization has not ensured GDPR compliance of your public relations work, contact us to get started now.

Need more information?

Learn how Ulobbys software can help your public affairs team achieve compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Request for a demo of the platform, and get a free consultation on how you can implement it with our team.

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