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A data-driven AI platform for political monitoring

Our automated political monitoring ensures public affairs professionals to never miss a mention of their issue or organisation

Staying on top of political intelligence is vital for public affairs professionals working with governments. Success is driven by remaining informed, updated and agile. Responding to political changes requires full awareness of all the facts. By remaining vigilant, public affairs professionals are equipped to manage stakeholder interests most effectively.

To ensure that public affairs professionals never miss updates on issues and organisations pertinent to their work, and to lower the risk of making misinformed decisions, we utilise innovative AI technologies to extract all information relevant to your organisation.

The system applies a series of algorithms to collect and decode political intelligence. You receive automated feeds on emerging agendas, social media, stakeholder activities and public and private sector opinions on your key topics.

Cutting-edge tools for stakeholder relationship management

Maintaining a comprehensive overview of all stakeholder activities and ensuring stakeholder relations are coordinated across your organisation can be challenging

Many organisations juggle a series of spreadsheets to register and monitor interactions with stakeholders. This can be time-consuming and can also result in staff working in silos and acting on misleading information.

Our stakeholder relationship management tool helps you systemise and synergise your stakeholder network and interactions and it maximises efficiency in political information management.

Maintaining a professional look for your organisation

Our data platform brings effective stakeholder relationship management to the next level and unlocks new ways for public affairs professionals to discover connections

By tracking interactions, the Ulobby platform registers key touchpoints – all interactions and meetings with stakeholders – giving your organisation full overview and control of communications with government officials and external stakeholders and keeping everyone on the same page.

The platform uses its growing database of registered activities to create visualised and integrated maps of the network of your organisation.

Everyone can see new touchpoints as soon as they’re registered so teams can coordinate emails, conference calls and internal meetings in the interest of cutting out duplicated activity.

Using the platform will prevent different personnel from repeating conversations with stakeholders or attending the same event unnecessarily, thus preserving the professionalism of your organisation.