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With our automated political monitoring, you can be informed and productive at the same time - no easy feat in modern politics

Our solution is based on machine learning to allow you to fine tune the tracking to your context, eg. Brexit from the perspective of Danish farmers, or Brexit focussed on the macroeconomic consequences for the eurozone.

You define the issue and get fine tuned information feeds cleared of cat pictures and selfies of politicians enjoying “exciting meetings” with their constituency.

With this solution in place, you can stop constantly checking your phone during meetings

In teamwork, silence isn't golden

Do you have the full overview of all your stakeholder activities as well as who is doing what in your organisation? Many companies and organizations struggle with the stakeholder overview, activity coordination, and track record and almost spend more time on internal reporting instead of in the battle fields. And it is safe to say, that your advocacy work isn’t going forward if everyone on your team is going their own way.

Our frictionless coordination tools allow your team to coordinate internally without unnecessary meetings and reporting. This empowers your team to coordinate across departments and geographies to align on organizational goals.

Integrated with Outlook and Gmail, Ulobby unlocks the effortless stakeholder management tools for your organisation, and you never miss an opportunity to reach out with real-time insights on the stakeholders in your network.

Your network is your most valuable asset and Ulobby's superior data platform brings it to life, giving you insights and context on any stakeholder in real time.

Modern metrics for public affairs

What are the most effective ways to demonstrate the value your public affairs function brings to your organization?

Evaluation of impact and return on investment for public affairs work is a delicate task, but organizations will always want to measure it. So if you want a seat at the 'grown ups' table', you will probably have to earn it via metrics.

Let us help you visualise it to ensure that senior management consistently sees how public affairs is a business necessity.

At Ulobby, our approach to this problem is to design political dashboards that facilitate meaningful discussions with internal stakeholders and enable you to implement a culture of continuous improvement.

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