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We've made it our ambition to make it easier to understand and influence politics. Our vision is to strenghten democracy by opening up the political processes and enable more people, companies and organisations to influence the political agenda. By giving Public Affairs professional a simple tool it will make their daily tasks easier and makes them shine.


Bringing public affairs into the digital era

Public affairs is an information-intensive industry where timing is paramount, and many struggle to stay ahead of the political agendas.

While nearby industries such as marketing and communication have experienced a tremendous rise in available tools and metrics, public affairs professionals are often stuck with haphazardly constructed excel sheets whose benefits barely exceed the amount of work they require to update.

We are a team of data experts and political wonks who have felt the pain and set out on a mission to design truly digital public affairs platforms, that make your work easier and more impactful.

We take responsibility for your success

Roughly 35% of core job skills will change by 2020 and competitive organizations must adapt.

While we strive to design tools that are indispensable to all public affairs professionals, we recognize that not all lobbyists in all organizations consider themselves first movers, which is why we offer training and guidance that ensures that you your entire team is brought into the digital age.

This 'batteries included' philosophy help us ensure that our platform is self-sufficient, comes out-of-the-box ready to use, and that our team proactively assists you in getting started with even the most complex features.

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Make the most of your network

Your network should be your most valuable asset. Ulobby helps you identify relevant stakeholders and utilize your network effeciently.

The monitoring capabilities of the Ulobby platform works like having someone working through the night, constantly looking out for you, searching for information to make your days run more smoothly. Our systems provides continuous monitoring of the stakeholders and issues that matter for you, and filter out the distractions that don’t.

Profiles on the people you are meeting with, and curated information feeds about the most recent developments on your political issues is always at your fingertips.

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Our vision

Based on a true story

Ulobby's solutions are based on our own experience with public affairs work from agencies, interest organizations, companies and political organizations. Having felt the pains ourselves we knew we wanted to start automating the most tedious tasks in public affairs and free time to work on those of strategic importance.

Born in Copenhagen

Ulobby was founded in Denmark, and shaped and inspired by Danish work culture . We strive to make tools that enables independent thinking and focuses on teamwork. We belive trusted and independent employees are happier and more productive.

Tested on humans

Our solutions are a direct reflection of the feedback we get from clients. Early adopters like The Danish Chamber of Commerce has used the platform for years, and work continuously to streamline their workflows using Ulobby. Having worked with organisations large and small from the very first line of code we are confident that our solutions withstand the encounter with reality.

EU native

Ulobby is a geographically dispersed team with employees across EU. We know the practical and political problems in cooperation across borders first hand, and are no stranger multi-party politics, intergovernmental issues or the plethora of supranational institutions that is EU.

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