Ulobby featured among “Top Public Affairs Intelligence Systems” in Brussels
Apr 23, 2020

Ulobby featured among “Top Public Affairs Intelligence Systems” in Brussels

Ulobby has been selected as one of the best PA intelligence systems on the Brussels market, according to a recent report by BestinBrussels.eu.

Independent reviewing organization BestinBrussels.eu recently published their annual report showcasing the best tools and services in Brussels’ institutional sector with Ulobby ranked among the best. Created to connect public affairs professionals to partners, BestinBrussels.eu has established itself as the go-to guide for PA professionals in Brussels.

Founded in 2017, Ulobby has been rapidly expanding to provide premium public affairs services for the Nordics and Brussels institutions. With offices in Denmark and Brussels, Ulobby readily provides expert practical and governmental solutions across all industries. Featuring innovative, industry-first tools for both political monitoring and stakeholder management, the platform offers the essential suite for the modern public affairs professional.

For further information, please contact

EU Public Affairs Director, Fruzsina Károlyi at

+32 493 97 60 96 / fruzsina.karolyi@ulobby.eu


Co-founder & CEO, Anders Kopp Jensen at

+45 3153 3134 / anders@ulobby.eu

Ulobby featured among “Top Public Affairs Intelligence Systems” in Brussels

Anders Kopp Jensen is the co-founder and CEO of Ulobby. Anders has an MA in political science and has over ten years of experience in politics and Public Affairs both on the consultancy side and in-house. He is the host of ‘The Persuaders’, a podcast about Public Affairs, and he is the author of ‘The Public Affairs Engine’, a guide on how to build and fuel the PA engine in your organization. Fun fact: Anders has a dog named Allan, who doesn’t like postmen or people wearing orange clothes.

Anders Kopp Jensen

Co-founder & CEO

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