The Persuaders podcast – season 2, episode 3 – Anders Kopp Jensen
Aug 11, 2022

The Persuaders podcast – season 2, episode 3 – Anders Kopp Jensen

Episode 3, season 2 of the Persuaders Podcast - with Mark Dober.

In this episode Anders talks to Mark Dober, Managing Director of Dober Partners and also the man behind Best in Brussels.

The Public Affairs job market is on fire at the moment. The demand for skilled Public Affairs pros is by far exceeding the supply. The COVID-19 pandemic has played a big role as a catalyst for this, but also as Public Affairs is no longer just considered a defensive discipline - it has become a business enabler.

Mark unfolds these new tendencies and also talks about which skills are in demand currently. He also spills the beans on what he is currently looking most for when recruiting for clients. Specially one skill in particular stands out!

They also talk about the wage growth in our industry, which Mark finds unprecedented - and he reveals the current wage levels.

The episode was produced by Sidsel Nørgaard.
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The Persuaders podcast – season 2, episode 3 – Anders Kopp Jensen

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