The Persuaders podcast – season 1, episode 9 – Goodyear - Troy Scully
Nov 2, 2021

The Persuaders podcast – season 1, episode 9 – Goodyear - Troy Scully

The guest on this episode is Troy Scully. Troy is an American living in Brussels and has worked in different senior communication and marketing roles at Lockheed Martin for more than a decade before joining Goodyear in 2016, first as a communications director and now Vice President for Communications & Public Affairs in the EMEA region.

In this episode they have a great conversation about many aspects of Public Affairs, but in particular they discussed the organizational aspects of Public Affairs.

During our conversation they discuss:
- The placement of the PA function - how it should (ideally) work together with the rest of the organization and the implications you might experience if you place it in the legal team, the R&D team, the communications departments etc.
- The importance of aligning the inside and outside of the organization and how PA pros can deliver this ''glue'' by providing context to the rest of the organization - a great description by Troy as it also points to where and how PA pros can differentiate themselves as well as create and show their value internally.
- And finally they cover how to measure progress and Troy shares a great project management method which can be used by PA pros - it includes creating ''contracts'' with your internal stakeholders...

The host of the Persuaders podcast is Anders Kopp Jensen, founder and CEO of Ulobby.

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The Persuaders podcast – season 1, episode 9 – Goodyear - Troy Scully

Annette comes from a digital PR and communications agency and has previously worked as a customer success manager. At Ulobby, she provides support across all departments in the organization. She is the coordinating link for our external partners and helps the company's initiatives internally as well as externally. She is an amateur photographer, SoMe enthusiast and lover of wine, food, and all things cultural. She spends her days outside work with friends and family.

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