The Persuaders podcast – season 1, episode 11 – Sara Carrer
Dec 27, 2021

The Persuaders podcast – season 1, episode 11 – Sara Carrer

In this episode the guest is Sara Carrer. Sara has an impressive career with more than 13 years of experience from the consultancy side before joining the UN World Food Program in 2021 as a Chief Political Officer. 
In this episode they discuss:
- How you handle the switch from the consultancy side to working for the biggest humanitarian organization in the world
- How Sara is driven by purpose and how the pandemic and an educational course about happiness and fulfillment influenced Sara to think about her own career 
- Why Sara enjoys teaching in political communication and why it is pivotal for people working with policy, public affairs or engagement to learn to communicate with emotions - and data! 

The host of the Persuaders podcast is Anders Kopp Jensen, founder and CEO of Ulobby.

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The Persuaders podcast – season 1, episode 11 – Sara Carrer

Annette comes from a digital PR and communications agency and has previously worked as a customer success manager. At Ulobby, she provides support across all departments in the organization. She is the coordinating link for our external partners and helps the company's initiatives internally as well as externally. She is an amateur photographer, SoMe enthusiast and lover of wine, food, and all things cultural. She spends her days outside work with friends and family.

Annette Kildegaard


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