Learn from the PA experts! New blog post by Jane Wallace – Head of Public Affairs at Trustpilot
Jun 8, 2023

Learn from the PA experts! New blog post by Jane Wallace – Head of Public Affairs at Trustpilot

Anders Kopp interviews Jane Wallace, Head of Public Affairs at Trustpilot, in this week's post on The Public Affairs Engine Blog.

Jane highlights her sources for staying updated on Public Affairs, including learning from other professionals, attending events, reading newsletters and blogs, and leveraging LinkedIn and PA communities. She mentions her admiration for Stuart Thomson, who has provided valuable support and advice throughout her career, showcasing his expertise through his podcast and PA blogs.

Looking ahead, Jane emphasizes the importance of PA professionals being proficient in leveraging technology and AI tools while adapting to the rapidly changing landscape. She reveals that Trustpilot's PA team is positioned within the 'Trust and Transparency' department, alongside fraud, investigations, and proactive litigation teams, resulting in a strong legal foundation. Jane also discusses the ideal placement of the PA function, stressing the significance of strong relationships and collaboration both within and beyond the organization.

With a background in history and international relations, Jane's career spans positions at the European Parliament and Which? consumer group, offering a wealth of experience. You can read the post here.

The Public Affairs engine website takes its name from the book “The Public Affairs Engine” authored by Ulobby’s CEO and co-founder, Anders Kopp Jensen. To offer readers a genuine understanding of the essence of Public Affairs, the website features a blog on which distinguished public affairs experts every week answer a series of questions about their daily tasks, habits and routines. These guest bloggers are carefully selected for their exceptional industry knowledge and contributions to the betterment of the public affairs profession.

Learn from the PA experts! New blog post by Jane Wallace – Head of Public Affairs at Trustpilot

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