Learn from the PA experts! New blog post by Andras Baneth – founder & advisor
Aug 31, 2023

Learn from the PA experts! New blog post by Andras Baneth – founder & advisor

This week's post on The Public Affairs Engine Blog features an interview by Anders Kopp with Andras Baneth, founder & advisor. Andras explains that he keeps up with Public Affairs through a variety of sources, including long-form articles, LinkedIn posts, conversations with peers, reports from EU consultancies, the Public Affairs Council, and podcasts. He sees the challenge in Public Affairs as distinguishing between signal and noise in trending issues, particularly in advising the C-suite on strategic moves.

Andras respects Aaron McLaughlin for his alignment of action and words in the field. He believes that the crucial aspect of the PA function's placement is its direct connection to the executive committee or the board of the company. While the specific department's location is secondary, being close to corporate communications, legal, or as a standalone corporate affairs department can enhance team effectiveness and build trust with stakeholders.

Read the full blogpost here.

The Public Affairs engine website takes its name from the book “The Public Affairs Engine” authored by Ulobby’s CEO and co-founder, Anders Kopp Jensen. To offer readers a genuine understanding of the essence of Public Affairs, the website features a blog on which distinguished public affairs experts every week answer a series of questions about their daily tasks, habits and routines. These guest bloggers are carefully selected for their exceptional industry knowledge and contributions to the betterment of the public affairs profession.

Learn from the PA experts! New blog post by Andras Baneth – founder & advisor

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