Learn from the PA experts! New blog post by Aaron Mcloughlin – Partner at FleishmanHillard
Apr 13, 2023

Learn from the PA experts! New blog post by Aaron Mcloughlin – Partner at FleishmanHillard

On thepublicaffairsengine.com/blog you will this week meet Aaron Mcloughlin, a Partner at FleishmanHillard. Aaron is a public affairs specialist with extensive experience and expertise in the field. He has worked in various roles in the industry, developing a wealth of knowledge and insights that he shares with colleagues and clients alike.

Aaron Mcloughlin highlights some valuable skills in today’s world. In his view, these abilities include comprehending the regulatory or legislative processes relevant to your field, communicating effectively, understanding the values that guide your clients and decision-makers, rapidly acquiring and relearning new information, utilizing various mental models to address issues, and presenting the right narrative to the right person at the right time. Mcloughlin believes that these skills are essential for success in any industry and are timeless and enduring. If you want to stay ahead in your field, you should work on developing these abilities.If you are interested in learning more about Aaron’s daily routine, habits, and tips for success in the public affairs industry, be sure to check out his full interview on The Public Affairs Engine website. You won’t want to miss it! Visit the blog and read the post here.

The Public Affairs engine website takes its name from the book “The Public Affairs Engine” authored by Ulobby’s CEO and co-founder, Anders Kopp Jensen. To offer readers a genuine understanding of the essence of Public Affairs, the website features a blog on which distinguished public affairs experts every week answer a series of questions about their daily tasks, habits and routines. These guest bloggers are carefully selected for their exceptional industry knowledge and contributions to the betterment of the public affairs profession.

Learn from the PA experts! New blog post by Aaron Mcloughlin – Partner at FleishmanHillard

Anders Kopp Jensen is the co-founder and CEO of Ulobby. Anders has an MA in political science and has over ten years of experience in politics and Public Affairs both on the consultancy side and in-house. He is the host of ‘The Persuaders’, a podcast about Public Affairs, and he is the author of ‘The Public Affairs Engine’, a guide on how to build and fuel the PA engine in your organization. Fun fact: Anders has a dog named Allan, who doesn’t like postmen or people wearing orange clothes.

Anders Kopp Jensen

Co-founder & CEO

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