Insights on opinion in Europe

Every month, Ulobby conducts several questionnaire surveys among are presentative sample of people living in different parts of Europe. These surveys measure opinion among Europeans regarding legislation and relevant issues. The ensuing analyses of the survey data highlight which segments of society are being affected and how attitudes are changing. In addition, Ulobby Agenda gives you the ability to add customized questions with direct relevance to your organization.

Win the agenda with new insights

These insights from Ulobby help to ensure that your organization is at the forefront of key societal developments and can spot new trends emerging among citizens and consumers before competitors do. The insights make it easier to influence and win the agenda, thereby helping you as a PA professional to build your profile as a critical contributor to your organization’s ongoing success.

Examples of areas we measure:

Sustainability is taking up more and more space in public discourse. What directions are European opinions moving in, and how can your organization be at the forefront of these trajectories?

The USA, led by Donald Trump as President, left the Paris Climate Agreement in 2017, but how will the swearing in of Joe Biden affect the future for global climate agreements? Also, which aspects of behavior are Europeans willing to modify, and what can be expected of politicians, organizations and companies?
The role of banks in society has been the subject of heated political discussion since the financial crisis. But are Europeans feeling confident in the financial system now? Have the perceptions of the financial system changed after several years of sector stabilization, and are Europeans beginning to demand alternative solutions and interventions from politicians?
Health and Covid-19 have been the most discussed topics in 2020. But what does the future hold for Covid-19? Will Europeans commit support to the vaccine program and respective national health authorities? And what does the population really expect and prefer?

Ulobby insights

Awareness measurement
We measure awareness of your agenda and of competing agendas. We give you an ongoing overview of developments in areas that are critical to you.

Evaluate your campaign
We set up a ‘before and after’ measurement of your political campaign and evaluate the effects of your campaign activities.

Segment analysis
We measure selected developments across many different strata and segments of the population, so we can give you an in-depth analysis of where in society and for whom the development is having an impact.

Spot new trends
By measuring developments continuously we can spot new trends in the population early, helping you to remain proactive and vigilant.

About Ulobby

Ulobby is a SaaS platform for Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations Management.

Through AI technology, the platform collects and analyzes a wide range of data sources and contributes features and tools to professional and strategic Public Affairs work, including political and regulatory monitoring, control and coordination.

Ulobby dashboard for public affairs, political monitoring and stakeholder management

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