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Opportunities at Ulobby

What we do

Our vision is to fundamentally change how lobbyists work by providing smart, fast, and simple tools that allow them to take a data driven approach to their work.

We’re passionate about building engaging software that helps our customers keep up with, and influence, the political agenda. Starting our journey in 2016, we have already reached every milestone for our initial plan and are now funded to take on the challenge of scaling our platform to an international audience.

How we work

The Ulobby team works from multiple countries. As a company that works to solve communication and coordination challenges for our clients, we know that living in a place that makes you happy is an important prerequisite for sustained productivity.

Our team is curious, driven, friendly, and collaborative. Though we have areas of specialty, we're also generalists and happy to follow tasks through to the end, even when they lie outside our core expertise. We believe in an egoless approach to development and a blameless approach to problem solving. While we work independently, we support each other through frequent code and design reviews, daily stand-ups, and pair programming, facilitating learning and reducing friction in our weekly releases.

We are not a factory and we do not expect you to be a machine. We are constantly working on developing digital products, and this line of work is both varied and challenging, so we are strongly committed to fostering personal and professional development.

We are always looking for skilled colleagues to join the team, and even if there are no open roles that suit you, we’d love to hear from you anyway.

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